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Elliot Kelly, Shakira Venus William among

“ensuring his place in golf history at the age where most of us are still wondering what we will do when we grow up” (Nike report, 2000). nike air force 1 high red sale The most three prominent athletes has generated the inspiration for young and next generation of athletes.

nike air force 1 high uk sale is a big concern that  shares is declined 1.1% in China and in future the company expect the orders will down to 6%, (Chang, 2009). Furthermore, revenue earn by Nike in China is dropping due to excess inventory, high discounting and slowing in demand. Manager in China does not keep sufficient inventory record because they unable to relay the information to order materials from other country.

As the customer’s value and option can be changed any time, nike air force 1 high black cheap brand adaptability can play an important role in that regard. The simple is the brand Logo and name is simple is for the company to adapt. In that perspective Nike should have strong adaptability, as their name and logo are very simple.

Reebok Company, which is the main competitor of the nike air force 1 high nike cheap brand has also, celebrities’ endorsing its brand and they include50 Cent, Missy Elliot Kelly, Shakira Venus William among others (Soylent Communications, 2010). These celebrities are from all spheres of life and they include reality stars, musicians, models athletes, and actors.

They do not know what materials need to be imported and when in advanced and cause the production cannot run in schedule. As a result, there have excess inventory in Long March Factory in Guangzhou. The employees who are responsible for checking materials does not know what are the materials needed to be order in following month production schedule and they did not frequently coordinate the records with the planners, nike air force 1 high womens sale (Nike in China, n.d).



2015-03-26 10:49:00



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