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PWM solar charge controller

Lead-acid battery technology has existed for over a century. Lead-acid batteries are still utilized in most vehicles; therefore, advancements in the efficiency and lifespan  of those batteries continue to be made.

Lithium-ion batteries are believed advanced battery technology. PWM solar charge controller Cellular structure from the battery might be fully charged and discharged which improves the efficiency. Lithium-ion  batteries are most commonly found in cellular phones and laptops.

But charging a lead-acid battery isn't a simple chore. These sensitive electrical instruments require specialized care: There has to be a harmonious relationship between your  photovoltaic generator as well as the storage battery if your technique is to execute efficiently and provide time of service that it is effective at. The very best unit TR A503 TTR U provides  additional functions for individual programming and display in the yield values.

• Safety
Both types of batteries can handle going into “thermal runaway” in which the cell rapidly heats and can emit flames, electrolytes and dangerous fumes. However, the and results of a celebration are higher for lithium-ion mainly because it includes a higher amount of energy inside a smaller volume.

best inverter Further safety concerns for lithium-ion batteries include components crafted from highly reactive materials.

Advantages of Lithium-ion Batteries:

• Size
Lithium-ion batteries are smaller and brighter for the same level of energy.

• Life
Lithium-ion batteries produce an average calendar expected life of at least 2 yrs longer than lead-acid.



2015-08-12 08:59:14



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