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“just do it”, “write the future” are some of

Young generation (bachelor stage) between 18-30 years old. Because they want to themselves appear to others to be fit, nike air revolution sky hi black sale healthy and athletic

Because at this stage of age young people prepare themselves to enter into the job market. They are the generation X, they like fashion, sports. nike air revolution sky hi women's shoe cheap uses their sports celebrity to advertise footwear which is fashionable and that make influences them to buy footwear. “just do it”, “write the future” are some of slogan that make these X generation very aggressive to do anything good and make the future bright.

The third stage of CDP model is evaluation of alternatives, nike air revolution sky hi sale which the consumer evaluation alternative bounds in the choice set by using information. Evaluation is an important determinant of the degree is whether the customers feel “involved” in the product. By involvement, that means the extent of perceived relevance and importance that accompanies with the own choice. The involvement had categories into low-involvement purchases and high involvement purchases.

nike air revolution sky high cheap on the other end had a strategy of exploring the current and developing new market, so its shops are in nearly 200 Countries. Like Adidas, it sells the products to independent distributors, licenses and subsidiaries. Same as Adidas, it also sells its products online.

Low-involvement purchases mean have simple and low expenses in evaluation process. For example, buying soft drink and food in the supermarket is under low-involvement purchases. High involvement purchases are usually branded goods and involve in high expenses or personal risk. For example, doing business, making investment, buying house and car are under high-involvement purchases. nike air revolution sky hi buy sale shoe is categorising in high-involvement purchases because is branded goods and comparing with other brands Nike much more expensive than usually brands.



2015-03-09 08:28:06



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